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5 Places to Promote Your NewSmile Referral Link

Here are effective channels to get things rolling. Some of these channels may not apply to you; however, it could be helpful to learn in case you decide to start being more active with referral commissions in the future.

1. Email Newsletters

If you send out regular newsletters, they're a great opportunity to include you affiliate link. Of course, it's not just a matter of tossing a link in an email, firing it off, and then asking them to buy something. You'll want to use a little nuance, see sample below:


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    2. Stop smoking
    3. Limit coffee, tea, and red wine
    4. Choose whitening products carefully
    5. Buy a quality toothbrush
    6. Drink more water

If you have slightly crooked, gapped, you may want to straighten them. Here's a link where you can get $150 OFF: <then insert your affiliate link here>

Most importantly, you'll need to be careful to avoid tripping spam-filters (or just appearing spammy in general, which can earn a quick unsubscribe). The best tactic is to ensure that the email itself offers plenty of value to your audience. Then, and only then, should you include appropriate links that fit organically with the content.

2. Personal Blog Posts or Guest Blog Posts

If you have a blog, it's a perfect spot to work in affiliate links. Readers are already on the site, and are interested in what you have to say. This gives an opportunity to expand on the product you're promoting and why it's so great.
While you can fit a link onto any blog post, remember that your posts should primarily aim to provide value first. Therefore, it's best to add in links only if they make sense in the larger picture of the content. You don't want your blog to become known for shallow sales pitches.

Roundups and detailed review-style posts are some of the easiest types of content to work affiliate links into. They fit the subject matter naturally, without having to be forced. You can also use the post's content to hype up the product. Just make sure they're solutions you actually recommend and have used – people have a way of seeing through blatant sales attempts.

3. Video Descriptions

If you produce video content like YouTube videos, it's an excellent opportunity to share your affiliate link. Video platforms (including YouTube) allow links in video descriptions. You can discuss or mention the NewSmile Invisible Aligners, then point to the link in the description for users who want to try it out or learn more about it, like one posted by Angela Rose:
To edit your existing YouTube video descriptions, head to your Video Manager and find the one you want to change. Click on Edit, and then pull up the Info and Settings page. The description can be found under the Basic Info tab. It's also a good idea to include a disclaimer with your affiliate link for complete transparency.

Click here to view some YouTube videos created by NewSmile customers.

4. Podcast Episode Notes

Many podcasting platforms allow note add-on's that summarize an episode for people browsing. This is an excellent place for providing your affiliate link, or mentioning it in that episode. Podcast metadata, such as the description, can be updated via your hosting provider, and those changes will then propagate out to platforms like Apple Podcasts - see below for sample image.

5. Social Media Profiles

Finally, your social media profiles are a perfect place for affiliate links, particularly if your social content involves discussing products you could be promoting. When it comes to social profiles, it's generally best to stick to one link since space is limited. For example, on Instagram, you can place a clickable link on our bio, and also post on your timeline.
You can either link to a landing page that contains more URLs for affiliate products (such as an Amazon storefront) or promote one product at a time. Which option you choose depends on your overall affiliate marketing strategy.

Some people have great success covering a wide array of products, such as Valerie Lozada on Instagram. Others do better by focusing on a single product at a time. Test what works for you, what's best for your audience.

That's all I have for now, and I hope this helps give a few ideas on how to be a successful affiliate with NewSmile.

Let me know if we can be of any assistance at any time!