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Group Benefits & Insurance


Each company has their own policies for different benefits, so you would have to check if you are covered. We can provide a detailed receipt for you, but would not be able to contact your insurance company to ask on your behalf due to privacy laws.

You may be able to use your HSA and FSA funds on NewSmile aligners! In addition to the thousands you’ll save with NewSmile, your HSA or FSA funds can help lower that price further! Depending on what you have available, it could cover the entire cost!

Not all HSA and FSA funds carry over into next year, so don’t miss out on getting clear aligners for less this year. You can get started here!

After your purchase, you can use your detailed receipt to submit to your insurance company to claim. If eligible, any covered amount will be refunded directly to you by your provider.


Group Benefits & HSA Coverage | NewSmile Clear Aligners