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Why Choose Invisible Aligners Over DIY Braces?

July 11, 2023

Your smile could be the first thing people notice. Everyone wants to have beautiful and straight pearly whites! Good thing there's a safe and smart way to get them. When choosing a DIY method to straighten your teeth, we recommend invisible aligners. Invisible aligners are one of the safest DIY teeth straightening methods, with guarantees on results. Learn why invisible aligners take the cake over other teeth straightening methods, and what you can do to safely straighten your teeth!

Why DIY Braces And Other Teeth Straightening Methods Might Not Be The Best Choice

People are turning to DIY braces because it’s so much cheaper than going to an orthodontist. However, there are many reasons why you should be choosing invisible aligners over other DIY teeth straightening methods. Certain DIY methods can potentially damage your teeth beyond repair and, instead of getting the show-stopping smile you were hoping for, you can end up with permanent problems. DIY braces and certain teeth straightening methods cause pain to your teeth and may even cause you to lose teeth. They can form infections in your mouth, damage your gums and jaw bone, and form gaps in your teeth. The damage caused can then call for extensive and expensive repairs. Orthodontists spend years studying how to safely straighten teeth. It is obviously a complex process and not something that can be learned in a five minute Youtube video. So, any DIY teeth straightening method that is not time-tested and proven should be out!

A Better Way to Straighten Your Teeth

There are many ways to get the straighter smile you can be proud of. We recommend an option that allows teeth straightening without braces: invisible aligners. Invisible aligners can give the smile you want without the hassle or burden of braces, and are much safer that DIY braces and other teeth straightening methods. Here's how it works: A professional takes molds of your teeth in their current state and creates a series of aligners that you wear to straighten your teeth safely over time. They are clear and invisible, making them less obvious than metal braces, and you can conveniently remove them from your mouth when you need to.

NewSmile® wants to help people get the beautiful smile they dream of in the safest and most convenient way possible. Their invisible aligners can help you straighten teeth without braces in a way that works for you! They make the process even easier by allowing you to do everything from home instead of having to go check in with a dentist! They send you an impression kit to make molds of your teeth from home, you send the molds back in and their professionals create a straighter smile for you. When you approve the smile they offer, they will make the set of aligners needed and mail them to you. You then wear the aligners and watch your smile improve all from the comfort of your home! They even offer several payment plans making the invisible aligners a much more affordable alternative than braces.

You can easily and affordably straighten your teeth without braces and without harmful DIY braces. Contact NewSmile® today to learn more about how their invisible aligners can help you and start the journey to your brighter smile!